Myers Briggs Professional Qualifications

All individuals assisting in the MBTI┬« Instrument interpretation at KnowYourType meet the American Psychological Association’s qualifications for class B instruments. The MBTI┬« Instrument is a class B instrument. Our Myers Briggs counselors also have working experience with the instrument, your training session with them is not their first. Most of our trainers have a decade of experience using the Myers Briggs, or other personal development tools. We look for team members who have used the instrument in the business world for a minimum of ten years. This ensures that the feedback we provide to our clients is grounded in reality and provides actionable advice designed to make YOU and better YOU.

Team Testing

When administering the Myers Briggs in a business setting you need to make sure you have a qualified administrator on hand to assist you Team members. This is a crucial step overlooked by many businesses. Our testing prices include breakdown sessions with a trainer for each of your Team members. All of our trainers have Myers Briggs Professional Qualifications to administer the MBTI to outside parties. We handle all aspects of being MBTI compliant for companies and individuals. You will get a ‘business’ theme when dealing with our company rather than an academic viewpoint. In other words, what does the material mean for me, how can I use to make myself, my team and my company better. We will instruct you on how to use the material to benefit your bottom line.

The MBTI is a powerful instrument. However, just taking the indicator alone will not make you a better person. The key to its use is how you interpret and use the presented. How you can use the information to become a better you. A qualified administrator is needed to maximize your experience with the MBTI.