Myers Briggs Step II Report

Myers Briggs Step II Report


Get a comprehensive look at your unique Myers Briggs Personality Type

Do you find yourself looking like an Extrovert sometimes and an Introvert in others?  Most of us are like this, manifesting different preferences through the day.  The Step II report gives you the most comprehensive look at your personality of any of the Myers-Briggs reports.

Breaking down your personality into 20 subsets

The Step II report [ Adobe-PDF-Document-icon Sample Report in Adobe PDF Format ] will breakdown each of your 4 preferences into 5 subsets.  Not all Introverts look alike – each of them has their own unique look at the world.  For instance you may be an Introvert overall, but you may be active and expressive, both of which are Extroverted tendencies.

The Step II report will show you a very complete picture of yourself, revealing how each of the sub-preferences functions together.

Leadership training and self development

Because of its clarity, the Step II Report is a fantastic resource for leadership training and self development.  No other report will give you as much detail about your Myers-Briggs Personality Type.  This report is very popular for corporate executive leadership positions and for those wanting to make themselves more self aware.

The testing process

  1. After ordering you are given direct access to our testing center.  You can take the test at that point – or come back at a more suitable time.
  2. The test itself is 144 questions that takes about 20 minutes to complete.  After your test is graded results are returned in an emailed PDF file.

Ordering for someone else or for a group people?

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Each test includes:

  1. Your unique Myers Briggs Step II Report [ Adobe-PDF-Document-icon Sample Report in Adobe PDF Format ]
  2. Immediate access to online test
  3. Access to client only support area with audio examples & research into Type®.
  4. Qualified trainers to administer the MBTI® Instrument as prescribed by American Psychological Association.
  5. Email support on your Myers-Briggs Results for One Year from the date of purchase
  6. Mandatory telephone support and confidential analysis for up to one hour

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Prices shown are per person.