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Myers Briggs Team Testing

Unlock the potential of your Team Using the Myers Briggs

Our Myers Briggs Team Testing service is a complete solution.  With one Myers Briggs Test we can offer personal development and Team building for each member of your Team.  Each person on the Team will receive a personalized copy of two reports detailing how they can be more effective on your Team.

We answer the following questions for each member of the Team:
  • How they are seen on the Team
  • How they can be more effective on the Team
  • What are their blind spots and how can they move through them
  • What is their preferred problem solving style
We answer the following questions for the Team Leader:
  • How can you increase Team morale by using your Team’s Type
  • How to lead the Team through the use of questions designed by our staff to harness the power of your Team’s Type
  • How to deal with potential Team issues in a way that minimizes conflict
  • How to get the team to ‘buy into’ new ideas and execute optimally
Our Team will:
  • Help each Team member understand how to be more effective at work
  • Instruction each Team member on how to leverage their Type to accomplish more by using their preference clarity scores
  • Make them aware of how they can advance their career simply by understanding how they communicate
  • Help them become ‘situationally’ aware – knowing how to turn themselves up or down to optimally achieve
For each Team Member we provide:
  • Access to our private client area for 12 months which offers additional information on your unique Type
  • Confidential email access to our Certified Myers Briggs Practitioner to answer any questions you might have
  • Confidential telephone breakdown session with our certified Myers Briggs Practitioner to help you better understand your unique Type (up to 30 minutes)
  • Our 100% Type Guarantee, if you do not agree with your tested Type, we will prepare another report for you at no additional charge
  • A personalized Myers Briggs Organization Report Adobe-PDF-Document-icon for personal development
  • A personalized Myers Briggs Team Report Adobe-PDF-Document-icon for Team building
For the Team Leader we provide:
  • Entry interview with one of our certified Myers Briggs Practitioners to discuss your goals (30 minutes)
  • Findings interview to discuss our observations from testing (30 – 45 minutes)
  • A Myers Briggs Team Report Adobe-PDF-Document-icon outlining the Team’s Type
  • Our summary notes prepared to provide actionable advice on how to unlock your Team’s potential
  • A Powerpoint presentation built specifically for your Team to help present the material at your Team meeting

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Myers Briggs Team Testing

You need your Team to function at the highest level possible, especially in today’s economy.  Communication issues, team anxiety and conflicting personalities will rob your Team from being efficient.  Unlocking these issues with our Myers Briggs Team Testing will lead to a more productive and happier Team.

A Complete Solution

All of your Team members will take one Myers-Briggs test.  From one test we can provide two solutions for each member of your Team. First we provide all Team members with the Organization Report [ Adobe-PDF-Document-icon Sample Myers-Briggs Organization Report ].  This report is themed to look them in the workplace, how they prefer to work, how they function under stress and how they communicate.  It will give each Team member the opportunity to see how others see them, with the goal of making them self aware.

Second we grade all members of the Team collectively to see how they function as a unit.  We answer the following questions:

  1. What is my Team’s Myers Briggs Type?
  2. What are my Team’s strengths?
  3. What are my Team’s blind spots?
  4. How does my Team communicate?
  5. How can I make my Team more effective

Each Team member will receive a unique copy of the Team report [ Adobe-PDF-Document-icon Sample Myers-Briggs Team Report ] with individual feedback on how they relate to the Team.

After testing we provide the Team leader with information on how to guide the Team in a more productive way.  We teach a questioning method and we will instruct the Team leader on questions they can use to guide the Team to a more beneficial outcome.  The Team Leader will also receive a Team Facilitator’s Report which provides more detail on the Team itself.

Team Leader receives:

  1. Pre-testing consultation with one of our qualified adminstrators to discuss problems and goals of the exercise
  2. Post-testing consultation with one of our qualified adminstrators to discuss what we spotted
  3. Summary notes prepared by our staff covering problem areas and suggested solutions
  4. Team Leaders Myers-Briggs Report
Ordering for a Group?

Our streamlined order process allows us to test groups of any size in less than one business day. The process is simple:

  • Order the number of reports needed via our website
  • Email us the names and emails of each person you need tested
  • We will email each with testing instructions and provide a testing deadline of 5 business days
  • Reports are returned in Adobe PDF format as individuals complete the test
  • Each person can contact us for follow-up after receiving their report.
What is included?
  • Your personalized Myers Report outlining your unique Personality Type
  • Immediate access to our online testing center
  • Access to client only support & research into Type®.
  • Qualified trainers to administer the MBTI® Instrument as prescribed by American Psychological Association.
  • Email support on your Myers-Briggs Results for one year from the date of purchase
  • Telephone support and confidential analysis for up to one hour

Our qualified administrators have decades of combined experience working with the Myers Briggs.  We are here to help you understand your unique Type after ordering.  Please email us at with any questions.

What comes next

Access to the testing center is given immediately after ordering. The test itself is 144 questions, mainly word associations that will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. It is recommended that you take the test in a quiet and undisturbed setting. You can resume a test if you need to; instructions on how to do so are located on the testing center main screen.

Reports are returned within one business day after taking the test. We grade three times during each day. Instructions on how to schedule your breakdown session with our trainers is included with your report. Reports are returned via email in Adobe PDF format.