Myers Briggs Career Report


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Use the strength of the Myers Briggs Career Report to find your most desired career choice

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Product Description


The Myers Briggs Career report allows you to see where people with your same Type are the most fulfilled and happy. If you have a job that makes you fulfilled and feel good – then you will become empowered, produce more and be happier.

Are you looking for a job, but really want a career? A job that feels like the perfect fit, rather than something you do just to earn a paycheck.

The 9-page Myers Briggs Career Report [ Adobe-PDF-Document-icon ] will show you the top ranked career choices for your Type (20+ for each). It will also reveal your least popular career choices.

Similar Types flock to similar careers because these positions allow them to use their innate strengths. Are you in a position that matches your strengths?

Ordering for a Group?

Our streamlined order process allows us to test groups of any size in less than one business day. The process is simple:

  • Order the number of reports needed via our website
  • Email us the names and emails of each person you need tested
  • We will email each with testing instructions and provide a testing deadline of 5 business days
  • Reports are returned in Adobe PDF format as individuals complete the test
  • Each person can contact us for follow-up after receiving their report.
What is included?
  • Your personalized Myers Report outlining your unique Personality Type
  • Immediate access to our online testing center
  • Access to client only support & research into Type®.
  • Qualified trainers to administer the MBTI® Instrument as prescribed by American Psychological Association.
  • Email support on your Myers-Briggs Results for one year from the date of purchase
  • Telephone support and confidential analysis for up to one hour

Our qualified administrators have decades of combined experience working with the Myers Briggs.  We are here to help you understand your unique Type after ordering.  Please email us at with any questions.

What comes next

Access to the testing center is given immediately after ordering. The test itself is 144 questions, mainly word associations that will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. It is recommended that you take the test in a quiet and undisturbed setting. You can resume a test if you need to; instructions on how to do so are located on the testing center main screen.

Reports are returned within one business day after taking the test. We grade three times during each day. Instructions on how to schedule your breakdown session with our trainers is included with your report. Reports are returned via email in Adobe PDF format.