Famous Myers Briggs Personality Types

Famous Myers Briggs Personality Types are a fun party topic. We are all curious about the similarities we share with celebrities or famous people. There are billions of people in the world, yet there are only 16 Myers Briggs Personality Types. Chances are you share the same MBTI Type with someone you’ve read about, seen in the media or even admired as a child. While seeing people who share your Type is interesting and fun, it is not meant to guide life decisions or career choices. The resolve of the human spirit is remarkable and individual can accomplish anything they desire. The list below is meant as a fun exercise to show we are all ‘cut from the same cloth.’ A listing of Famous MBTI Personality Types and their corresponding subjects are listed below.

These Types® are approximate and may have been generated using observed behaviors, not from taking the actual test. These results are non-scientific in nature and are meant for illustrative purposes. Please contact us with any suggestions.

You can understand Myers Briggs Personalities by viewing the Eight Myers Briggs Personality Preferences and the 16 Myers Briggs Personality Types.

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Listing of Famous Myers Briggs Personality Types


Harry S. Truman
Queen Elizabeth II
Natalie Portman
Warren Buffet


Jimmy Stewart
Mother Theresa
George H.W. Bush


Mahatma Gandhi
Eleanor Roosevelt
Cate Blanchett
Thomas Jefferson


Dwight Eisenhower
Ayn Rand
Mark Zuckerberg
Arnold Schwarzenegger


Clint Eastwood
Amelia Earhart
Steve Jobs
the Dalai Lama


Johnny Carson
Barbara Streisand
Brad Pitt
Steven Spielberg


Albert Schweitzer
Anne Lindbergh
John Kerry
J.K. Rowling


Albert Einstein
Marie Curie
Abraham Lincoln
Tina Fey


Franklin Roosevelt
Angelina Jolie
Donald Trump


Elvis Presley
Elizabeth Taylor
Megan Fox
Richard Branson


Carl Rogers
Molly Brown
Sandra Bullock
Mark Twain


Walt Disney
Benjamin Franklin
Celine Dion
Leonardo DaVinci


Colin Powell
Queen Elizabeth I
Hillary Clinton
Lyndon Johnson


George Washington
Desmond Tutu
Sarah Palin
Bill Clinton


Mikhael Gorbachev
Pope John Paul II
Martin Luther King
Ronald Reagan


Bill Gates
Margaret Thatcher
Charlize Theron
Dick Cheney

The information above is used for illustrative purposes. Historical figures may have been Typed using observed behavior. No guarantees are being made that these persons are verified to the Types shown.