Eight Myers Briggs Personality Preferences

As the name suggests, a preference is something you prefer. In life we all prefer different things. You might prefer white wine over red wine, or red cars over black ones. None of these examples are right or wrong, they are just what you naturally prefer.

Your Myers Briggs Type is based on four preference categories with two choices in each. The assembling of your preference in each category will provide your four letter Myers Briggs (MBTI) Type.

Each of the Eight Myers Briggs Personality Preferences shown below is what your mind will normally choose to do. For instance Extroverts need to talk ideas through and find conversation engaging. Introverts need to think ideas through and can find conversation very exhausting. Just because you prefer one preference over another does not mean you cannot use the other preference.   Your preference is where your mind chooses to go habitually – you have the choice to use the other side.

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Becoming self-aware should be the underlying goal of anyone who wants to learn more about their personality Type. Knowing your natural preference allows you to make choices about how you will react to situations and events. You can decide to modify your behavior to create a more favorable outcome. For instance an Introvert might need to turn him or herself up to make an important presentation. You can become more effective by simply knowing who you are to begin with.

Understanding your personality first begins with understanding each of the preference pairs below. They are divided into the following groups:

  • Source of energy: Do you prefer the outer world or the inner world?
  • Receiving Information: Do you prefer to use data and information collected, or do you tend to draw your own conclusions and go with your gut?
  • Making Decisions: Do you tend to see the world in terms of black and white or do you use human emotion to make decisions?
  • Life Style: When dealing with others do you prefer to have things spelled out or do you prefer to leave things open?

Listed below are the Eight Myers Briggs Personality Preferences divided into their group. You can quickly ‘self-type’ yourself by looking at each category and deciding if you prefer one over the other. You can click on each to see a more detailed explanation of your Type. After you self-type, please visit the Sixteen Myers Briggs Type table for additional information on your Type.

Eight Myers Briggs Personality Preferences

Source of Energy

Extraversion ‘E’

The need to talk things through.

outgoing • talkative • sociable

Introversion ‘I’

The need to think things through.

shy • reserved • reflective

Receiving Information

Intuition ‘N’

Can see the big picture and future possibilities.

brainstormer • big picture • theory

Sensing ‘S’

Trusts the establishment and the tried and true.

facts • details • data collection

Making Decisions

Feeling ‘F’

Considers others before making decisions.

compassionate • personal • warm

Thinking ‘T’

Uses the logical choice

rational • black and white • tough-minded

Personal Life

Perceiving ‘P’

Enjoy surprises and changing plans.

go with the flow • unscheduled • flexible

Judging ‘J’

Loves routine and to-do lists.

scheduled • structured • organized