Eight Myers Briggs Preferences

Any discussion of the 16 Myers-Briggs Personality Types must begin with an understanding the Eight Myers Briggs Personality Preferences. Each of the 16 letter combinations reveal how you perceive and relate the world around you. Each letter means something different. Assembling those letters together provides you with your Myers-Briggs Type.  Using the table below, you can perform a ‘self typing’ exercise.  For instance if you need to talk things through as opposed to thinking things through, then you are most likely an Extrovert.  Often time a self typing exercise is useful for your first look at the MBTI.  Most persons use both preferences through the day, however there is one that you normally go to almost automatically.  That preference is your preferred preference.

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The Eight Myers Briggs Personality Preferences

Source of Energy

Extraversion ‘E’

The need to talk things through.

outgoing • talkative • sociable



Introversion ‘I’

The need to think things through.

shy • reserved • reflective

Receiving Information

Intuition ‘N’

Can see the big picture and future possibilities.

brainstormer • big picture • theory



Sensing ‘S’

Trusts the establishment and the tried and true.

facts • details • data collection

Making Decisions

Feeling ‘F’

Considers others before making decisions.

compassionate • personal • warm



Thinking ‘T’

Uses the logical choice

rational • black and white • tough-minded

Personal Life

Perceiving ‘P’

Enjoy surprises and changing plans.

go with the flow • unscheduled • flexible



Judging ‘J’

Loves routine and to-do lists.

scheduled • structured • organized