ISTP Personality Type

The ISTP Personality Type is ready to try anything once. Keeping others off-guard is the environment the ISTP is happy with, whether its taking charge to fix a problem or generating a burst of humor that turns into the life of a party. This can be tough for friends.

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Being in a relationship with an ISTP can be difficult due to the hands off attitude they often posses. They are loath to change especially if they believe others are attempting to control them. Their spontaneous nature is usually good natured and fun.

Family events are a mixed bag for the ISTP. The ISTP has little need for the social activity such events bring but rather enjoys the procedure. After an event, in the glow of success or failure, is where many ISTP’s will look for social interaction.

ISTP Careers

Work that is routine like an administrator or open-ended like research is not what the ISTP is looking for. They need a career that will allow for spontaneous energy in problem solving and have a tangible, achievable goal.  Other popular ISTP career directions include: Pilot, Police Officer, Medical Technician, and Paralegal.

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ISTP Education

Learning is most enjoyable for the ISTP when it is relevant and experimental. The best way to learn is by doing in the ISTP world. The more abstract a class becomes, the less an ISTP will become, don’t be surprised to hear the phrase “what does this have to do with anything?” come out of the ISTP’s mouth.

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The Myers-Briggs Type Table


Planner Inspector


Protector Supporter


Foreseer Developer


Conceptualizer Director


Analyzer Operator


Composer Producer


Harmonizer Clarifier


Designer Theorizer


Promoter Executor


Motivator Presenter


Discoverer Advocate


Explorer Inventor


Implementer Supervisor


Facilitator Caretaker


Envisioner Mentor


Strategist Mobilizer