INFJ Personality Type

INFJ’s are often an inspiration to others. They find themselves in the middle of family because they are often insightful and keen at interrupting tension. If there is too much family tension, INFJ’s will shun the tension centers conversely if there is a center of joy and warmth the INFJ may never leave.

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The INFJ can be quiet and unassuming if not stimulated in a group. They may appear disinterested but below the surface are a thousand ideas waiting to come out. Once those ideas are tapped they often become the life of the party. They can also shut down just as fast as they start up which often confuses people.

In relationships the INFJ can create problems out of their desire to eliminate them. They have such an over-riding want for harmony that they often try too hard to avoid discord. INFJ’s will ignore inner burdens in an effort to avoid the external, creating a pressure filled potential for explosion. Once the INFJ learns to articulate its want for harmony the achievement is that much more attainable.

INFJ  Careers

The INFJ enjoys working and learning and can often be found in the educational fields that allow for further development. They enjoy working and often take pride in the work and people they work with. They often forget to articulate this pride, which can frustrate those working with them. Other popular INFJ career directions include: Career Counselor, Psychologist, Special Education Teacher and Architects.

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INFJ Education

Any chance the INFJ has to learn and broaden their horizons, they will. That is good news in the scholastic environment. The INFJ has the ability to dream even though they don’t always reveal it. It often manifests itself in their ability to succeed in creative situations. Their love of learning will take them to rewarding heights in the classroom.

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The Myers-Briggs Type Table


Planner Inspector


Protector Supporter


Foreseer Developer


Conceptualizer Director


Analyzer Operator


Composer Producer


Harmonizer Clarifier


Designer Theorizer


Promoter Executor


Motivator Presenter


Discoverer Advocate


Explorer Inventor


Implementer Supervisor


Facilitator Caretaker


Envisioner Mentor


Strategist Mobilizer