ENFJ Careers

ENFJ Careers are found in positions where they can work closely with other people.  These involve being an assistance, teacher, and counselor or even in the arts.  ENFJ Types are seen in interior design, elementary school teachers, and career counselors.

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ENFJ Work Style

ENFJ’s are highly attuned to the needs of others and will focus on the emotional needs of those around them.  Because of their Feeling Preference, they often are instrumental in drawing out the best in others.  They are seen as being energetic and enthusiastic.  They express a very genuine interest in others and can draw out even the quietest person.

They enjoy being around others and work the best when they can work with people to help them achieve their goals or enjoyment.  People will see them as social, personal and persuasive.

Using Type to Select a Career

Many use Type to find a new career, to uncover what to study, or to re-align their existing career.  Career choices are major life decisions.  It is important to remember that anyone can do any position.  There is no exact Type for each position.  However there might be a career choice that aligns the expectations of a position with the natural tendencies of your personality Type.  For instance would a librarian be happy as a sales person who spends their day giving presentations to large groups?  Probably not, the librarian could do the job, would feel spent exhausted and stressed at the end of each day.

Data Collection

The quality of the data behind Type and career choices is powerful.  Millions of people take the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) each year from a variety of occupations.  Among the data collected are questions related to job satisfaction and occupation choice.  It is reported that the career database held by Consulting Psychologist Press (CPP) holds over 250,000 different people over 300 different occupation choices.  When you are reviewing job category by Type it is useful to remember to how much data is behind the results.

The Myers-Briggs Type Table


Planner Inspector


Protector Supporter


Foreseer Developer


Conceptualizer Director


Analyzer Operator


Composer Producer


Harmonizer Clarifier


Designer Theorizer


Promoter Executor


Motivator Presenter


Discoverer Advocate


Explorer Inventor


Implementer Supervisor


Facilitator Caretaker


Envisioner Mentor


Strategist Mobilizer