Sixteen Myers Briggs Personality Types

Any discussion of the Sixteen Myers Briggs Personality Types must begin with an understanding the Eight Myers Briggs Preferences.  The Eight Myers Briggs Preferences form the basis of understanding of your unique Myers Briggs Type.  The Myers Briggs assessment assumes that you naturally choose one of two preferences in each of four categories relating to how you see the world around you.  These four sections are called dichotomies or preferences.  Assembling these preferred preferences generates your Myers Briggs (MBTI) Type.

Listed below is the Sixteen Myers Briggs Personality Types Table. Click on a 4-letter type to read more about each Myers Briggs Type®, including information on personal development, career choices and workplace conflict. This information is shown for education purposes and we strongly recommend obtaining your unique 4-letter Myers Briggs Type® before using the information shown below.

The Myers Briggs Type Table