Myers Briggs Testing Procedures

Myers Briggs Testing Procedures

We’ve streamlined our Myers Briggs testing procedures to offer the quickest and most comprehensive feedback possible.  Listed below is the outline of how we test individuals and groups.  In a very straightforward process we can quickly test you or a group of people.

Before Testing

Upon ordering you will be given immediate access to our client area. Testing is comprised of two parts. The first is a self-typing exercise. This is designed to help you begin thinking of the ways you process information. You will be guided through a short exercise where you ‘pre-type’ yourself.


The second part is the actual test itself. The online test is 144 questions, mainly word associations that will take approximately 20 – 30 minutes to complete.

After testing

You have access to our client area where additional information and audio is located on each of the 16 types. Your report will be emailed to you in PDF format to the address provided when you ordered. After testing we will schedule mandatory feedback sessions via email and/or phone.

Group Orders and Organizational Testing specializes in group and organization testing. Our services will get your group through the testing process as efficiently as possible and return reports quickly so you can use the information to enhance your team. Here is how the process works:

Group order procedures

  • Your order is placed via the website.
  • You are assigned a team member at KnowYourType that will follow up with you via telephone and walk you through the testing process.
  • Email us the list of names and email addresses of each person you want tested.
  • We email each member on your team with testing instructions.
  • We will return the reports via email in PDF format and contact the team leader for additional information and clarification of the reports.
  • Team members can follow up with us for mandatory feedback sessions via telephone and/or email.


We are always here to assist with any questions. Email us if you need any clarification on the order procedure.