Myers Briggs Team Building

Myers-Briggs Team Building and Testing

Team Building and Leadership Training

Is your team/organization working together as efficiently as possible? Do you have all the members of your team in positions that best utilize their Type and talents? Are there differences and/or conflicts between members of your team that get in the way of their productivity?

Five Dysfunctions of a Team specializes in group and organization testing. Our services will get your group through the testing process as efficiently as possible and return reports quickly so you can use the information to enhance your team. Here is how the process works:

We use the Myers-Briggs Organization and Myers Briggs Team Reports together to help clients structure a more efficient workplace. Both reports offer insights to each team member. Each team member will receive a 10-page Organization Report and 14-page Team Report customized to their unique type.

The Myers-Briggs Organizational Report will give a 4 letter Type and provide detailed information on problem areas regarding communication styles and work habits. Perhaps their communication style is too aggressive and they are not aware of it, or maybe they need help staying on task.

Team Building and Leadership Training

The Myers-Briggs Team Report will combine the 4 letter MBTI® Types of all persons on your team and show how your team functions as a whole. It will show the
weaknesses and similarities of your team, and how to better use time management. It will also show if your team is too heavy in one particular preference (Thinking for example). This is important because you may be looking at problems from the ‘same position’ all of the time. Simply pointing out these areas can lead to a better functioning team, and one that looks at ideas from a fresh perspective.

Group order procedures

  • Your order is placed via the website.
  • You are assigned a team member at KnowYourType that will follow up with you via telephone and walk you through the testing process.
  • Email us the list of names and email addresses of each person you want tested.
  • We email each member on your team with testing instructions.
  • We will return the reports via email in PDF format and contact the team leader for additional information and clarification of the reports.
  • Our qualified administrators follow up with each participant and provide feedback about their Myers Briggs Type ┬«.