Myers Briggs Percentages

Myers Briggs Percentages

The chart below shows the complete Myers Briggs Type Table along with the percentages of each Type in the general population.  Below each MBTI Type is a percentage of males, females and a total over the same size.  The Type ISTJ for example shows 16.4% of males are this Type, and 6.9% of females are this Type.  Overall 11.6% of the population is this Type.

Key: ,M: Males ,F: Females ,T: Total Percentage

ISTJ~~M: 16.4%~~F: 6.9%~~T: 11.6%, ISFJ~~M: 8.1%~~F: 19.4%~~T: 13.8%, INFJ~~M: 1.3%~~F: 1.6%~~T: 1.46%, INTJ~~M: 3.3%~~F: 0.8% ~~T: 2.1%

ISTP~~M: 8.5%~~F: 2.4%~~T: 5.4%, ISFP~~M: 7.6%~~F: 9.9%~~T: 8.8%, INFP~~M: 4.1%~~F: 4.6%~~T: 4.4%, INTP~~M: 4.8%~~F: 1.8%~~T: 3.3%
ESTP~~M: 5.6%~~F: 3.0%~~T: 4.3%, ESFP~~M: 6.9%~~F: 10.1%~~T: 8.5%, ENFP~~M: 6.4%~~F: 9.7%~~T: 8.1%, ENTP~~M: 4.0%~~F: 2.4%~~T: 3.2%
ESTJ~~M: 11.2%~~F: 6.3%~~T: 8.7%, ESFJ~~M: 7.5%~~F: 16.9%~~T: 12.3%, ENFJ~~M: 1.6%~~F: 3.3%~~T: 2.5%, ENTJ~~M: 2.7%~~F: 0.9%~~T: 1.8%

Summation on the Myers Briggs Percentages shown above

The least represented Type in the sample was INFJ at 1.46%.  The most represented Type was ISFJ at 13.8%.  For males the highest reported Type was ISTJ at 16.4% of the sample while the highest Type for women was ESFJ at 16.9%.

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  1. RR says:

    @jane – ENTP is on the right, second from bottom. If you type Ctrl+F then ENTP Enter, you can find it almost as quickly as you can type five question marks.

    • Kathleen Watson says:

      Blanca, I’m not positive, but I *believe* these numbers are based on ALL those who have taken the MBTI, regardless of nationality, so they do not represent *only* Americans.


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