Employment opportunities

Employment Opportunities

We are constantly seeking qualified administrators of the Myers-Briggs Instrument for employment opportunities.  We require highly motivated individuals who are capable of working remotely and independently.  Potential candidates are not required to relocate, we can contract work to you without requiring a move.

Position Description – Team Feedback

Positions offered are for counselor to feedback sessions to our corporate clients.  You will breakdown groups who take the MBTI and provide feedback for their Team Leader and the group as a whole.  Some feedback sessions are on site and others are done via conference call.  Feedback given needs to be in a business theme – break down the information on maximizing employee harmony, participation, leadership and output.

Position Description – Individual Feedback

Each person who takes the Myers Briggs Personality Test is offered a feedback session with an MBTI qualified administrator.  This mandatory feedback session should cover the uses of the MBTI, what the results mean to the individual and answer any questions that arise after reviewing the MBTI Report.  These sessions typically last 20 – 30 minutes and are done via telephone.  We are seeking persons to provide feedback sessions to individuals.

Minimum Qualifications needed


  •   A minimum of a College degree (BA, BS), an advanced degree is preferred (MA, MS, PHd)
  •   Qualified to administer the MBTI
  •   A background in the business world is preferred, for example:
  •   Human Resources
  •   Private practice with counseling, psychology, leadership training
  •   Team trainer
  •   Ability to travel 5 – 7 days per month is preferred

Submit your resume to us through Email, Fax or regular mail.  Along with your resume please include a cover letter detailing your uses of the MBTI in the past and the value you provide with your ability to intpreret the instrument.