Client Area: ISFP



The ISFP is likely to enjoy the spontaneity of a friendship. This is good and bad because if you like structuring the ISFP may frustrate people with their constant new thoughts and need for inspiration

The ISFP is non-imposing and cares about others feelings. In love relationships they may seem less than serious but in reality they are always trying to change to make better. Standing still is a great fear for the ISFP.

They enjoy the excitement that family reunions can bring especially the opportunity to share new ideas. If the family is constricting this will have a really negative effect on ISFP.


The ISFP enjoys a challenge and working with people. They tend to understand fields that produce new thought patterns and are often found in the field of psychology or medical research. They will usually have the need for human service so an action effect scenario is often craved.


The ISFP can often be viewed as the “daydreamer”. They will often question the “now” and can be a little obnoxious in their dogmatic view of education. The ISFP doesn’t always crave higher education.